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Saber - Bolt?!

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MessagePosté le: Mer 28 Aoû - 00:02 (2013)    Sujet du message: Saber - Bolt?! Répondre en citant

Hello everyone, this is ZeroVash bringing you my very own first article within this walls Smile 

And what a theme to start with. The ever so famous "Saber - Bolt".

 === History Time! ===

 Not so long ago, when the Evo Fury was first released in Kaijudo, the meta-game quickly shifted from a slow-paced control to a fast and furious aggro meta. That was all due to three decktypes.

  1) Blurple - > A Dark/Water Tempo deck focused on Emperor Neuron.

  2) Cobalt Control -> A Dark/Water/Light Control deck focused on Cobalt, the Storm Knight.

  3) The Aggro deck i came to talk about today focused on Bronze-Arm Sabertooth.

This deck has everything an aggro deck wants. Early power, hard to remove creatures, and late-game power finishers.

All this was before the Dragons came out, so bear in mind that not many answers were present to match this decks power and speed.
In fact this was the MOST consistent decktype for aggro players to be using. With time (and with the introduction of Dragonstrike Infernus and all the brutal dragons that came along - especially Infernus the Awakened - Saber-Bolt had a tough time adapting. The deck was no longer fast enough, nor powerfull enough to deal with dragons and Drakon-Rush (the main themes at the time). The deck evolved on a lot of variants to try and get the best build possible but it was not until Clash of the Duelmasters (and soon 9SHA), with the introduction of Multicoloured creatures that this decks name came back to life.
The new provided bait (Weaponized Razorcat and Sword Horned) made this deck, the second longest running deck theme on Kaijudo (the first being Blurple). Okay now lets talk a little about the core of this deck.

 === The Core! ===

 What is Saber - Bolt afterall? Well, as the name implies it is a junction of a strategy around two cards.

 1) Bronze-Arm Sabertooth (The Early Beater)
 2) Bolt-Tail Dragon (The Late Beater)

(hence the name Saber-Bolt)

- 3x Prickleback
- 3x Weaponized Razorcat
- 3x Razorhide

- 3x Bronze-Arm Sabertooth

- 3x Bolt-Tail Dragon

This is a general overlook of what the core of the deck is in Clash of the Duelmasters meta. 15 cards. (tags to be inserted later)

 === Variations and Experiments! ===

 As i mentioned, this deck was widely experimented on, since the Evo Fury days. It has 4 variations of its main theme + its main theme. I'll briefly describe what each does and why it exists.

 1) Saber-Bolt is a Fire/Nature deck as you all have read.

 2) Aqua Saber-Bolt, as the name implies, adds Water to the mix, Draw power and bounce make this deck a little more consistent.
Notable cards: Rusalka, The Aqua Chaser; General Finbarr; Logos Scan; // Heretic Prince Vakkra //
Advantages over 1: Draw power and bounce gives you more possible removal.

 3) Shining Saber-Bolt, was firstly introduced when DSI came out (Not with Evo Fury like the others), and gained even more popularity in Clash with the introduction of Sword Horned.
Notable Cards: Lyra, Sword Horned, Andromeda.
Advantages over 1: Has other dragons and can overpass Infernus terrible lockdown effect.

 4) Dark Saber-Bolt, is like the name says a darkness variant of the deck. Back in Evo Fury days, this was the strongest variant for aggro players (paired with Aqua, although Aqua is more of a tempo build). This deck suffered a complete overhaul in Clash when Shadeblaze the Corruptor got released. Now we have 2 variants of DS-B.

Variant A) Still runs Bolt-Tail and Variant B) replaces Bolt-Tail with Shadeblaze the Corruptor.  They both work well and the small difference is just a matter of player preference/local metagame.

Notable Cards: Dark Scaradorable, Skull Shatter, Mesmerize, SoGH
Advantages over 1: Cripples your opponents plays giving you more safety to play Bolt-Tail Dragon and finish the opponent. Packs more Removal and Discard.

 5) Billion-Saber-Bolt  and Billion-Saber; Like 1) they also utilize Billion-Degree Dragon as a possible finisher.

 6) Heretic Sabertooth Aggro; This new possible decktype has been announce ever since the preview of Heretic Prince Vakkra in 9SHA. It will replace Bolt-Tail Dragon and it is basically a different version of Aqua Saber-Bolt.

 === Decklists Time! ===

I could't leave you guys without some decklists. Just take notice that these are just proto-decks. That means they are made from the top of my head or from what other players played. They might require some fixes or be based on an opinion. The core is the same for all of them so i will just post the remaining 25 cards of each. Thank you for reading!

1) Saber - Bolt (25 cards)

- 2x Infernus the Awakened
- 1x Spellbane Dragon
- 3x Tatsurion the Champion
- 2x Steamtank Kryon
- 2x Gilaflame
- 3x Essence Elf
- 3x Gorim the Striker

- 3x Reap and Sow
- 3x Root Trap
- 3x Reinforce

2) Aqua Saber-Bolt (25 cards)
- 2x Infernus the Awakened
- 3x Tatsurion the Champion
- 3x General Finbarr
- 2x Gorim the Striker
- 3x Rusalka the Aqua Chaser
- 3x Aqua Seneschal

- 3x Reap and Sow
- 3x Root Trap
- 3x Logos Scan

2) Shining Saber-Bolt (25 cards)

- 1x Infernus the Awakened
- 1x Andromeda
- 3x Lyra
- 2x Gorim the Striker
- 3x Keeper of Laws
- 3x Sword Horned

- 3x Reap and Sow
- 3x Root Trap
- 3x Stormspark Blast
- 2x Oathsworn Call
- 1x Reinforce

3) Dark Saber-Bolt (25 cards)

- 1x Infernus the Awakened
- 2x Razorkinder
- 2x Tatsurion the Champion
- 3x Dark Scaradorable
- 2x Gorim the Striker
- 2x Kronax the Brutal
- 3x Scaradorable of Gloom Hollow

- 2x Reap and Sow
- 2x Root Trap
- 2x Terror Pit
- 2x Skull Shatter
- 2x Mesmerize

 === The Future! ===

 Only future can tell what will happen to this theme deck. Will it become popular again? Will it be replaced? We already have 2 variants that already outshined the classic Saber-Bolt. (Dark and Aqua now each have their own finisher with Shadeblaze and Vakkra)
 This deck is a typical type of an aggro deck. You keep swinging for shields without much consideration since your creatures are hard to remove or even if they end up removed, they just move you forward.

And with this final thought i wrap up my first article in here. Hope you guys enjoyed readint it.
Leave all feedback in the comment section below. If you have any questions feel free to ask Wink I'll gladly answer everything Smile
Happy Dueling.
I am like no other man.
A fusion of a machine and a god.

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